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A New Step in The Educational Journey

Today, Primary students embarked on an exciting new journey - a taster day for their new academic year.

For some, it was an important milestone in their educational journey. Our youngest students, Little Learners, were introduced to their new classroom in the Eco-building, while Year 2 transitioned into the Main building, which houses Upper-Primary and Secondary School.

It was a time to experience new routines, attend new lessons, meet their teachers and familiarise themselves with their new setting.

A Day in the Life of a Secondary Student

Year 6 stepped into the Secondary School for an eventful year 7 taster day. Students enjoyed a variety of lessons including, Spanish & French, Music, Geography and Chemistry.

The transition from Primary to Secondary school is an important and exciting milestone for students, and at ESK, our teachers in both Primary and Secondary work closely together to ensure all students can be as prepared as possible to begin the next stage of their educational journey. Students feel confident, comfortable and familiar with their surroundings when they start in September.

We can't wait to welcome everyone back into their new classes next year!


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