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An education at ESK opens up a wide arena of opportunities for students, beginning with their University Placements followed by their future professional careers. ESK students proceed to the world’s leading universities and are equipped with the necessary values and skills as they set off  on their new journey into the world.

Below you will find information about our exceptional results, university placements, and our in-house careers and university guidance. 

Students graduating from school

At ESK it is extremely important to prepare students for their future.  Students are introduced to a variety of information about courses, careers, and higher education.  Students are taught how to effectively browse university websites, as well as make use of hard copies of resources sent from universities around the world.  The majority of our students join ESK with university aspirations, however, all options including apprenticeships, internships, and careers are shared with students. We are confident that whichever path they choose, they will be making an informed and satisfying decision.

Students are provided with an in-house university placement programme coordinator and advisor who is very knowledgeable and connected with various post-secondary institutions.  The advisors have open communication with all teaching staff to ensure that all of the students’ needs are understood and met.  The advisor is introduced to parents and students from the time of their IGCSEs and continued with the process of deciding on A-levels or IBDP, then university.

Many workshops and one-to-one meetings with students and their families are held intermittently to speak about next steps including courses, universities, finances, and career options after university.  The advisor helps in ensuring that application minimums are met and submitted to the selected universities.  Workshops are also held to advise how to write a strong personal statement, who to ask as a reference, and interview practice for applicants.

Career days occur on several occasions throughout the year.  Several parents and industry leaders volunteer their time to give informative presentations about their careers and educational background.  This provides students with the opportunity to network with industry leaders, get some personalised advice from successful people, and allows them to apply lessons from others to their own careers.

All of these services are provided with no extra cost to our families.

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