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Secondary Head of School

A school is made exceptional by the manner in which it guides and provides sustenance for its students. We have generated an environment in which our students can develop their talents and abilities with pride and support from their teachers, their friends, and our extended family of parents and community members. While our commitment to academic success is unremitting, as demonstrated by our outstanding A level and International Baccalaureate results, it is, however, our student-driven projects that constitute so much of what makes our school exceptional: we have sporting champions, budding politicians and debaters, ground-breaking inventors and computer experts, postmodern artists, guitar protégés, nationally acclaimed directors, published writers, entrepreneurs with their own companies, chess players, archaeologists, polyglots, botanists and so much more. Whatever a student’s passion, we ensure that it flourishes.

We nurture students’ talents by adopting a child-centered approach at every stage of the student’s education: we have dedicated co-ordinators overseeing each Key Stage as well as homeroom tutors, who help to formulate individual learning plans. We have highly experienced university placement advisors to guide students through this crucial process. For those students who need a little extra, we have a hugely active Able, Gifted, and Talented programme that pursues individual and group projects, as well as providing further university guidance and interview practice (often with lecturers currently teaching at the relevant institution). Many of our staff also have invaluable practical, academic, or career experience outside of teaching for us to draw upon: we have lawyers, scientists, successful entrepreneurs, international athletes, and university lecturers to enrich our students’ education. Whatever a student’s dreams, we do our utmost to make them a reality.

Do drop in any time – we’d love to show you what our school can do for you.                                             

   Dr. Altay Nevzat

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