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Another Marvellous Day in Karpaz

The second day in Karpaz has been packed with plenty of sand, sun and fun teamwork challenges!

"It is great to be on a trip with our friends and teachers and we have been very good at keeping our rooms neat and tidy. The food is excellent and we are eating lots to keep up our energy. With lots of love from Year 5 in Karpaz"


Students worked hard to complete and compete in multiple team activities, where they had lots of fun and laughter. These were followed by games of dodgeball and rounders.

The Waves are Calling

After lunch Year 5 headed to the beach where, in teams, they created super sand sculptures and put their recycled floating vessels to the test.

We can't wait to hear all about the Talent show happening tonight!

Keep an eye out on our blog for more photos and updates from the Year 5 Karpaz Trip!


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