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The Mountains are Calling and We Must Go

With extra-curricular activities back in full swing, our Duke of Edinburgh International expedition took place.

Year 12 students headed to the mountains of North Cyprus for their Silver practice expedition. Students began their journey on the school grounds, making their way to the top of Bellapais, and up towards Taşkent.

Hiking a total of 28km over 2 days, students worked together in team to navigate the mountains of North Cyprus, while carrying equipment such as food, pots and pans, and their sleeping equipment. Their backpacks certainly sounded heavy!

On day 1 they even encountered a 500m incline, but students persevered and climbed the mountains.

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award allows students to develop many of the essential skills needed for work-life and life in general. These include teamwork, problem-solving, communication and resilience. Students are taught to set objectives and work collectively as a group to overcome any obstacles.

Universities around the globe recognise this international award, it certainly gives students an edge over others when applying to university and their future careers. We are proud to offer many extra-curricular activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award. Students have the opportunity to succeed not just academically, but to build on their character, developing into well-rounded, confident individuals.


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