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The ESK Buddy Programme - Fostering a Sense of Community on Campus

Starting Secondary School is the beginning of an exciting new chapter for our Year 7 students. To help them settle into school life, we have a team of ambitious and compassionate Sixth Form students on hand to support and guide them!

ESK Buddy Programme

The ESK Buddy Programme was developed to strengthen school spirit, form bonds and friendships between the youngest and oldest students in Secondary, and build confidence in students as they transition into a new learning environment.

At the beginning of the year, all Year 7 students were allocated into their School Houses and then ‘buddied-up’ with a peer mentor in Year 12 or 13. Their first activity - a Get-to-Know Quiz!

An integral component to the closeness of our student community!

And it’s not only the new Secondary students who benefit from the buddy programme. The buddies (Year 12 & 13 students) themselves gain confidence and a sense of fulfilment from helping their younger peers.

It’s truly a wonderful scheme, which we are proud to continue every year at ESK!


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