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Introducing Our New Student Leaders

As the most senior members of our student body, Year 13 students play a pivotal role as figureheads for the School.

Each year, a group of students are selected to fulfil leadership roles in the ESK community. These roles range from Student Council to sports captains, Heads of House and Senior Prefects.

We are excited to welcome this year's Year 13 student leaders to their new positions. Our Year 13 leaders are visible role models around the school, approachable, and help to influence the spirit of the school. They are students who have shown an outstanding commitment to the ethos of the school, are hard-working and have earned the respect of their peers and teachers.

ESK Prefect Team

Prefects are a dedicated and diverse group of student leaders who help support and shape the whole student community. They stand as an influential student voice in our ESK community, acting as ambassadors of the school and helping to maintain order in the school.

They are a positive example to their fellow students:

  • They observe school rules, while also guiding their peers in positive discipline.

  • They are well-mannered, trustworthy and helpful around campus.

  • They maintain an excellent academic record.

  • They are respectful to teachers, their peers, and the school environment.

  • They encourage good behaviour among their peer group, both in and out of school.

Our Prefect team of 10 to 15, undertake various roles and responsibilities, in all aspects of school life, both within the school day and outside school hours. These include supporting staff in weekly assemblies, supervising students during break and lunchtime, and representing our school at important events. They also act as a bridge between the Headmaster, teachers and students, collecting feedback and suggestions on school development plans from their peers, to report during meetings.

Leading our Prefect Team are the Head Boy, Arman, and Head Girl, Arina.

House Captains

House Captains play an equally important role in promoting school spirit. Selected to lead our House teams, Othello, Hilarion, Caretta and Alasia, House Captains play a prominent role in sports events and team-building activities. Their role includes actively assisting in the promotion and running of House competitions and representing the school at sports community events.

The House system is a key aspect of student life at ESK, fostering a spirit of community competition and an inclusive culture at ESK. Named after well-known cultural representations of the island, each house is made up of students from across all year groups. Throughout the year, students take part in inter-house events and competitions including the flagship sports day, quizzes and fundraising competitions, to help their House achieve the most points and win the House Cup at the end of the year.

Exceptional Leadership. Exceptional Team Spirit!

Well done to this year's Student Leadership Team!


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