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Meet Our New Primary School Student Council: The Faces of Change

Last week, very brave and confident Primary students presented why they should be the next elected Student Council leader. After a very close show-of-hands in the classroom, four finalists from each year group went head-to-head and shared ther speeches in front of all their peers in Key Stage 2, on stage in the Great Hall.

All speeches were very well thought out and presented, some with colourful posters, and others with very articulate and convincing slogans. Each student brought forward wonderful ideas, for example, ways to raise money for charity, inroduce more activities in the playground and even have ice-cream days!

The votes were tallied and our newly elected team were announced.

ESK's Student Council is a team of Primary students elected by their classmates, who help encourage and influence a positive school climate.

Our Primary student leaders help bring forward and discuss the interests and concerns of the student body, and initiate new ideas working in partnership with teachers. Not to forget the memorable occation when they present their ideas to the schools top management, the Board of Directors.

The Council has an important role to play in the organisation of School celebrations such as Children's Day and World Animal Day, as well as various Charity Fundraising initiatives throughout the school year.

Topics that are discussion at Student Council meetings often include:

·        school rules

·        green issues

·        friendship

·        lunchtime games and activities

·        school uniform

·        fundraising

·        extra- curricular activities

Student Council Team 2023-2024

Introducing our Class replesentatives and student council yeam for the new academic year:

Year 3 - Peri & Hasan
Year 4 - Çınar & Defne
Year 5 - Ayda & Erkan
Year 6 - Ayza & Devrim

This year, our student council team is guided by Year 4 teacher, Mrs. Dilekkaya. We can't wait to see new ideas and initiatives come to life over the next few months. Congratulations team!



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