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Exploring History: Students Journey Back in Time.

Primary students took part in another wonderful WOW day.

What are WOW Days?

WOW days at ESK happen a few times a year and are a wonderful way for students to immerse themselves in their school topics. Each themed WOW day links to many areas of the curriculum, including History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages, Art and even Science. The day is carefully planned with a variety of hands-on activities to deepen their subject knowledge and bring their learning to life.

Year 4 Walk in the Footsteps of Egyptian Pharaohs

Year 4 stepped into the extraordinary realm of virtual reality and were transported back to the Valley of the Kings, after learning how to write in hieroglyphics and creating tombs in art class.

Year 6 Journey Back in Time To 1912

Year 6 Journey back to 1912 to learn about the devastating historical event where the RMS Titanic ship sank after striking an iceberg durnig a voyoage from Southampton to New York.

Year 3 and Nursery have exciting WOW days ahead with a trip to the Stone Age and outer space. Keep an eye out on our Latest blog to find out more.


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