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Exceptional Results for ESK's Class of 2022

ESK’s Class of 2022 have once again achieved superb International Baccalaureate and A-level results, maintaining the ESK tradition of academic excellence!

IBDP Results

This year's IB statistics place ESK fourth amongst small cohort IB Schools (less than 20 students in a cohort) in the UK, and at par with some of the leading Independent schools across the world, such as Charter House (UK), College du Leman International School (Switzerland) and The British School of Milan (Italy).

A very impressive 71% of our students achieved 39 points and above. This score is typically only achieved by 18% of all IB students worldwide. Additionally, the average IBDP score was 0.7 points higher than last year, at a grand total of 37.7 IBDP points - the best in the history of the school! The global average is 32 points.

40+ IBDP Points

This year, our highest score was 40 IBDP points (out of 45), achieved by 2 students. This outstanding result can be compared to, and is in fact higher than A*A*A*A* at A-levels.

ESK students rank in the top 86th percentile! A superb achievement!

A-Level Results

Our graduating class continue to achieve great results in a breadth of subjects! Due to the inflating of global results during a challenging COVID period, there has been a global drop in the average percentage of top grades, such as A* and A grades. However, at ESK we have emphatically bucked the trend.

Standout Subjects

Our results in the STEM subjects are particularly outstanding this year, and far exceed the UK averages in relation to A* - A grades. Not to mention, a stunning 72.7% of students received A* - A grades in Turkish - as an English-speaking school, this result is truly exceptional!

The 2022 best performing subjects can be found below: (percentage of students who achieved A*- A).


From an international education at ESK to international Universities…

At ESK, we are proud of the international standard of education we offer, preparing our graduates for top-tier universities and global careers. Recent trends show that the pricing of Russell Group universities within the UK has disheartened many all over the world, and compared to previous years at ESK, UK applications have dropped substantially, whereas EU applications and worldwide placements have risen.

Year upon year it is heartening to witness the placements of our students at top-tier universities worldwide, leading in their fields of study.

Class of 2022 University destinations include USA Ivy League, Princeton University (ranked 7th in the world*) and the University of Pennsylvania (ranked 13th) and top institutions in the UK including the University of Edinburgh (ranked 30th) and King’s College London (ranked 35th).

We have an excellent mentoring programme at ESK! The one-on-one advice from our College Counsellor and Principal, from early on in their secondary education, as well as the support and guidance of our subject specialists, help our students to build high aspirations, well-informed decisions and as a result… top university placements!

The Class of 2022 are a diverse group of talented and ambitious global citizens, and we are certain that they will achieve great success in the future. As our Principal, Mr. MacDonald proudly stated upon their graduation:

“If you are looking for optimism, creativity, generosity, and hope for a better world… they are before us!”

Congratulations Class of 2022!


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