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ESK Students Make a Splash at the Republic Championships

From the 6 - 7 November, the Republic Cup Inter-Club Swimming Championships was held in North Cyprus. Organised by the North Cyprus Aquatic Sports Federation, the championships brought together 350 athletes from different sports clubs, ranging from ages 11 to 21.

We were delighted to hear that 6 of our students competed, bringing back home an unbelievable amount of medals!

Congratulations to Serra, Arda, Mert, Erol and Sanem!

1st Place

Mert Türsoy (Year 12 - 17yr old category)

200m Breaststroke

100m Breaststroke

50m Breaststroke

100m Freestyle.

Not-to-mention, Mert has once again broken records in North Cyprus - for the 50, 100 and 200m Breaststroke races, amongst 15-18 year old. This is truly exceptional!

Arda Cengizer (14 yrs)

200m Butterfly

100m Butterfly

Serra Soydan (15-16yrs)

200m Breaststroke

100m Breaststroke

50m Breaststroke

Erol l Özçelik (11yrs)

100m Breaststroke

50m Breaststroke

2nd Place

Arda Cengizer Erol Özçelik

50m Butterfly 200m Breaststroke

3rd Place

Sanem Kutlu

200m Backstroke.

Arda Cengizer

50m Freestyle.

Serra Soydan

50m Butterfly

Erol Özçelik

100m Freestyle race.

A special congratulations to Mert and Arda, whose results have earned them both an opportunity to compete in a swimming competition in Turkey this December.


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