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ESK Principal Hector MacDonald Chairs International Society of Heads Meeting

The Society of heads is an organization that brings together a community of independent school heads across the globe. During the meetings, the heads share their recent experiences, discuss new innovative ideas and resolve current issues around education.

They help to evolve the approaches to learning, with the aim of ensuring that students around the world can thrive today and in tomorrow's future.

A Quote from Mr. MacDonald:

"Sixteen years ago I was Co-ordinator of International Heads for the HMC, and it is a pleasure now to fulfil this role for the Society of Heads. On Wednesday 14th October I chaired a virtual meeting of international heads with participants scattered all around the world, for example Luxembourg, Ghana, Lebanon, Kenya, Belgium, and Cyprus to name but a few.

Our preoccupations were common such as how to try to influence the timing of IGCSE/GCSE, and A-level examination times in 2021. It was heartrending to hear about the context in Lebanon, and by holding the meeting other schools have found a way to help a wonderful long-established school facing terrible challenges. We have decided on quarterly meetings to promote well-being for all member schools."


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