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Enhancing Educational Leadership: UCL Experts Provide Training to ESK Academic Leaders.

As a school, we are always striving to be the best at everything we do, from improving our academic results, and investing in new and innovative facilities and further improving our high standards year after year.

ESK Academic Leaders in training

This week, we welcomed Leadership training experts from University College London (UCL)’s Centre for Educational Leadership, to provide leadership training to our middle leaders at ESK (Key Stage Coordinators, Heads of Department and Senior Leadership Team). Our ESK academic management team participated in a very interactive & intensive three-day coaching session, that facilitated their learning in strategy and research.

One Leader commented: “The leadership training was invaluable and we are sure we will see immense benefits for our students and staff from here on"

The University College London Leadership experts were very impressed with ESK’s professionalism, the warmth of students and their kindness towards each other, as well as our campus facilities. We look forward to welcoming the UCL professionals back in the future.

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