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An Urgent call from SPOT and ESK come to the Rescue!

An urgent call for help was put out by SPOT - Kuzey Kıbrıs Kaplumbağaları Koruma Cemiyeti,

in response to the oil spills from Syria, reaching the coast of North Cyprus. Much of the tar was seen washed up on many beaches, with significant amounts of plastic rubbish surrounding it. SPOT were worried that this could endanger the Turtles that reside on the beaches.

In quick response, a team of dedicated and well-equipped ESK students and staff headed to the beaches for the clean-up! Secondary students set out afterschool on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, well-equipped with rubbish bags, gloves and shovels, ready for he clean-up.

Here are some of the photos from last night's clean-up in Tatlısu and Mersinlik.

We were so impressed with just how quick our students responded, rallied together and volunteered to help the environment!


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