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A Year 5 Adventure to Karpaz

After a comfortable and enjoyable bus journey, 5T and 5BO have arrived safely in Karpaz.

Students and teachers have a very exciting three days ahead, full of fun and educational activities.

Students group together and settle into their accommodation.


The first day was filled with science fun and investigations!

Scavenger Hunt

Students split up into groups and took turns going on a scavenger hunt; exploring different types of plants, animals and mini beasts. The carousel of activities also included investigations that challenged their senses, knowledge of aerodynamics and a junkyard challenge, where their recycled floating vessels and egg cages will be tested later in their stay at Karpaz.

An Exploration of the Senses

A Home-grown Lifstyle

Mr Balci took the students on an exciting tour around the grounds, especially the ESK Farm, and showed the students all the different trees and vegetables he grows on his land, some of which were served up for dinner last night.

Did you know?

Mr. Balci named the farm after ESK, 12 years ago, when the very first school trip to Karpaz took place. Our teachers and students also gifted Mr Balci with some chicks, which he took care of over the years.

In the evening, after a delightful dinner, it was then time to switch on the torches for a night-time excursion, and star gazing led by Mr Haasbroek. It was an amazing experience! They completed the evening with some singing, led by Mrs Beyzade-Özcan, surrounded by a cosy beach campfire. Their voices will be carried across land and sea for miles around!

The night came to a close with toasted marshmallow treats and a welcomed cup of hot chocolate.

Keep an eye out on our blog for more photos and updates from the Year 5 Karpaz Trip!


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