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And The Outstanding Achievement Award Goes to ....

Every year at ESK, the Outstanding Achievement Award is awarded to students who achieve 40+ IB points or the equivalent 3A* and an A at A-Level, on behalf of the Board of Directors.

This year, our Principal Mr. MacDonald presented the award to four exceptional students, the Class of 2021 graduates, Sengul, Onur, Deniz and Jacob.

IB Students

With a superb score of 44 (out of 45) IB Points, Sengul was awarded with £1000 prize money. £500 was awarded to Deniz (who achieved 43 IB points) and Onur, (42 IB points).

Sengul, Deniz and Onur receieving their award from Mr. MacDonald.

A-Level Success

A-Level student, Jacob, achieved a total of 3 A* and an A at AS Level, and was also awarded £500 - A fantastic result! We would like to thank Jacob's grandmother for recieving the award on his behalf - Jacob is currently on his gap year, taking part in exciting activities that we can't wait to hear about!

Their resilience, determination and hard work during this paticularly challenging year is something each graduate and award winner should feel ingredibly proud of. A truly inspirational example for our future graduates to look up to.


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