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ESK Children's Day Extravaganza

Every year on 23rd April, the whole of North Cyprus and Turkey celebrate National Sovereignty & Children's Day, a national holiday celebrating Children, the next generation that will light up our future.

The day is filled with spectacular performances from our Primary students, including traditional dances, singing and reciting poems.

Year 1 Get Funky...

Due to the Pandemic, this year's Children's Day was a little different. Pre-Nursery to Year 1 performed live on campus, while Year 2 - 6 celebrated Children's Day online with fun-filled activities.

"Little ladies, little gentlemen, you are the rose,star and light of our Future" - MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATURK

Online Children's Day

Online Children's Day involved activities including, Magic Tricks with our Primary Head, Mr.Roberts, Bring your Pet to Zoom, Dance challenge and Children's Day Bingo. Students also participated in a t-shirt competition where they had to design a recycled t-shirt around the theme 'Taking Care of Our Earth'.

All students were superstars. Happy Children's Day!

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