students in the computer lab

Internet safety is a vital topic at ESK.  There are many precautions that are taken to educate the community on internet safety; workshops are regularly held to convey the importance of keeping personal data secure, steps to ensure students do not speak to strangers on the internet, cyberbullying, and controlling their virtual footprint.

The ESK school internet service is filtered, permitting students to access educational sites whilst blocking social networking sites.  Students are taught and shown various techniques such as effectively accessing data when researching and how to code.  We know the importance of teaching students skills on how to leverage the internet as we enter the Digital Age.


Quick Tips for Students:

  • Do not give out personal information such as passwords, first/last name, address, telephone number.

  • Ask your parents to check photos or posts before sharing them.

  • Do not speak to strangers online. Do not allow them to access any of your social media.

  • If you feel uncomfortable, tell a trusted adult about what is happening.

  • Do not follow unknown links or download unknown attachments.

  • Use privacy settings.

Quick Tips for Parents:

  • Speak to your children about their social media. Discuss best practices and outline what is appropriate versus inappropriate.

  • Be a leader. Model appropriate practices for your children to better understand boundaries.

  • Parental controls. Have access to all of your child’s accounts and apply parental controls when applicable.


Try remembering this helpful abbreviation, SMART:

  • Stay Safe

  • Don’t Meet Up

  • Accepting Files

  • Reliable

  • Tell Someone